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02 March 2009 @ 11:25 pm
I reeeally need to be active on here... >_>;; Anyway, I guess I'll just put what's been happening lately....

Well, It finally snowed here!! =D 
Yeah, my town sucks, getting the first good snow in years.... in March. .__. I think they said 10 inches....? Anyway, we got out of school today and tomorrow!! >w<

Oooh, random question, is anyone going to Anime Mid-Atlantic in June? It's in Virgina Beach. I'm already preregistered. :3 I wanna cosplay... At first, I said I was just going to be Cross again(I are poor and don't want to ask my parents to get me more cosplays. XD) but now I think I'm going to do others... -w-;;;

My main picks are Russia and Germany from the Web comic/manga/anime Axis Powers - Hetalia. >w> There outfits don't look too hard... They're military uniforms(Well, Russia's is mostly just a coat and scarf...) so I thought Good Will or something would have stuff like them. But I need wigs too... They has short hair. D: Risa wants me to be Russia(She says I look a lot like him. XD) and I really wanna be Germany(Cause it be fun cause I'm really random and I want an excuse to have his cross... >w>). I haven't been shoping for supplies yet, so It's not 100% a go.

I had some other idea, like Asch from Tales of the Abyss and Grell Sutcliff from Kuro Shitsuji. XD They would probably be easier, hair-wise. I already have long, red hair(It's a little faded, but nothing more dye won't fix. :3)... But my bangs have gotten too long to be Grell's so I would rather have a wig. D: I also want a Yu Kanda wig, cause I hate how I only wore his costume like, once. >__<;;;

Hmmm... I think that's it. XD;


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What I'm Listening Too: None right now. >_