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Gyah, I don't feel like writing. XD

Yesterday went by like, really fast. o_O; Did it for anybody else? XD Psychology felt like it went by too fast, I didn't get to research much on Avoidant Personality Disorder. D: (We have projects we have to do) And it was the only time we could get to do research at school cause SOL testing is going to start next week. >_<;

World History went by too fast too~. ;__; Eversince Hetalia, I've found everything we do in ther funny, and since it's SOL time, we're reviewing everything we did this year, before I got into Hetalia. >w> When we were doing our packet thing, she had us write something in....
"Okay, under that write 'Fredrick the Great' then beside that put 'Prussia' that's 'PRUSSIA' not 'RUSSIA', then put 'Military'. "
Me: Gilbo's so awesome we had to write him in. >D

.... Gah, my brain ish being ebil and I can't rememebr what I was going to write. -.-;; Stupid school. D:

.... Done. >__>;;;;

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