*~* The Maple known as Foxxi *~* (foxxi_chan) wrote,
*~* The Maple known as Foxxi *~*

New hair and rambles~

SO yeah~. I don't know how many people know but, I cut my hair! :D I cut 14 inches... and still have enough to put into a little ponytail. o_o It was loooong~. XD

Gah, I wish I had taken a pic before my mom cut it, but we don't have a cam and I wanted to hurry up and get it done. >.>;;

Anyway, here it is~.



Risa took the pic~. We were in her room. XD

...Grargh, I wanna be moar active on here. >_<; I really want to rant/vent about stuff, but I haven't had time and my stupid computer hates me most of the time... Oh, and the distractions~

Well... That's it for now. owo ~
Tags: friends only, hair, life, random~
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