APH || Russia's victory dance

I'M BACK./rant thing...?

Why I was gone - "Fire..."
FOR GOOD. Hopefully. oAo;;;

I just got another computer from my school and it seems to be working okay. X3 Scratch that, something's being stupid and not letting me get MSN. >_<;; I'm gonna restart the comp and try to fix it. T^T;;


Okay, this computer is really annoying me. D< I can't get on MSN and it doesn't have speakers! T^T

But I guess it's okay, at least I have one and can get on. >_> I wonder if Skype will work.... XD I guess I'll just have to start talking to people through email until I can get MSN back. Or I could do ebuddy or something... -.-;;

Anyway, I think I'm gonna try to keep this active, so most of the week you'll hear about my boring life. XD

Well, that's all I can think of right now.... owo;;
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APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance



So, if you didn't know, I lost regular Internet access March 16th. The reason was..... Don't spaz but, my house caught on fire. >__>;;;

No one was hurt!! It was a fire in the basement and nothing upstairs burned (Things melted though...). All of my mom's stuff was destroyed and pretty much all of our clothes weren't salvageable.  (We had the washer and dryer in the basement so most of our clothes were down there...)

I was able to save a lot of my stuff, but it was really smoky/smelly (Like I care... >_>). Our computer wasn't burned but sooted up, so my school gave us a new come. (Well, not "new", it's one of the old school computers since they just got some new ones.) I actually like it, especially since it came with the Microsoft office stuff still on it. >3

Anyway, I don't feel like explaining everything right now, I'll prolly post more about it later. (Like the 6 days in a hotel. XDD)

So ummm.... That's it. owo;; *Still bad at ending things*

Bai~. :3

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APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance


I reeeally need to be active on here... >_>;; Anyway, I guess I'll just put what's been happening lately....

Well, It finally snowed here!! =D 
Yeah, my town sucks, getting the first good snow in years.... in March. .__. I think they said 10 inches....? Anyway, we got out of school today and tomorrow!! >w<

Oooh, random question, is anyone going to Anime Mid-Atlantic in June? It's in Virgina Beach. I'm already preregistered. :3 I wanna cosplay... At first, I said I was just going to be Cross again(I are poor and don't want to ask my parents to get me more cosplays. XD) but now I think I'm going to do others... -w-;;;

My main picks are Russia and Germany from the Web comic/manga/anime Axis Powers - Hetalia. >w> There outfits don't look too hard... They're military uniforms(Well, Russia's is mostly just a coat and scarf...) so I thought Good Will or something would have stuff like them. But I need wigs too... They has short hair. D: Risa wants me to be Russia(She says I look a lot like him. XD) and I really wanna be Germany(Cause it be fun cause I'm really random and I want an excuse to have his cross... >w>). I haven't been shoping for supplies yet, so It's not 100% a go.

I had some other idea, like Asch from Tales of the Abyss and Grell Sutcliff from Kuro Shitsuji. XD They would probably be easier, hair-wise. I already have long, red hair(It's a little faded, but nothing more dye won't fix. :3)... But my bangs have gotten too long to be Grell's so I would rather have a wig. D: I also want a Yu Kanda wig, cause I hate how I only wore his costume like, once. >__<;;;

Hmmm... I think that's it. XD;


APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance


I haven't posted one of these in a while. O_o;; And I'm kinda on a journal high from DeviantArt. XDD

So~... I has news, Risa and I plan to go to another con! >W< If you don't know, we've been to two, Anime-Mid Atlantic(AMA) '08 and NekoCon 11.
AMA is coming back near here, it's actually gonna be at the same place that Neko was. X3 I need to pre-register soon... I do NOT want to wait in line for two hours for badges. @_@

I'm not sure if I'm going to cosplay... I'm definitely not buying another costume, so it'll probably be Cross again... Or maybe I'll try Kanda again. XD

Is anyone else planning on going? OWO

Oh, like I said at the begining, I've been on dA lately. :3 I finnally have something on mine. >W< It's not really good... But at least it's something. XD

Clicky --> http://kaorufox.deviantart.com/art/Lavi-Unfinished-107226525  :3

Aaand~, I'm going to advertise a bit. XD I made a site a few weeks ago, it's called Plot Bunnies Hideaway. It's a forum, theres a bunch of stuff to do.
There's a place to post your original stories, fanfictions, art, poetry, fan art, songs, and I'm open to any and all suggestions. :3 It also has a Role-play section, but theres no main RP. Right now, there are two RP ideas up, one is being discussed the other already has the sign-up template up.

I hope you'll join~. http://plotbunnieshide.proboards.com/index.cgi      ^W^

*~* Foxxi *~*

APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance


Just took a test~ *stole from Dragonis >w>*

Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

O__O;; It is kinda accurate >__>;;
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APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance

NekoCon!! X3

Whoo~! Neko was awesome!! >W< I just didn't like the 2 hour wait for registration >__>;; and that all the lines were about 30 mins long XDD

Well, I was General Cross Marian from D.Gray-Man(I'll have to take some pics in the cosplay, i didn't take any at the con >_>;;)

Sooo~... Oh! I loved the GPKISM concert >W< and i can kinda hear my voice going out cause of that concert XDD

Ummm... I think thats all o.o;;

If you went to Neko, maybe you saw me XDD i wish i could find all the people i saw ;w;
APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance

x__x sick and bored XD

Okay, so I only have one entry, why not another? =D

Well, I've been home all day, sick x__x I went to the doctor and they said i have strep throat >__> and i can go back to school tomorrow ><

Anyway... o.o;; *Is out of stuff to say* >A<

and i really thought i had stuff to say ;w; *sigh* >__> well...until the next one, Bai XDD

and sorry for all the short entrys and never being on x_o ill try to be on more >w>

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APH || Russia&#39;s victory dance

First entry :P

Okay, so... I don't really know what to write O__O ...

Well... O___O i really don't know... xDD Ummm... >_< i don't know!! DX

... oh well... i think I'll stop >__>

... ...

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